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01Mechanism for motor       adjustable beds
02Metal mechanisms       for motor adjustable       frames
01Bicycle production       using EU components
02Wholesale and        distribution

Metal production - Products, custom oriented production

- Metal frames for WC, bidet, ... montage moduls
- Metal furniture and parts of furniture
- Transport cars
- Shelve systems, products from metal nets
- Bicykles ...

Metal frames for WC, bidets, ...
Transport cars
Lugagge cars
Metal hangers
Parts of hangers
Cars for supermarkets
Shelves systems

Products from metal sheets, panels and profiles

- metal mounting boxes
- fire and/or water resistent doors and boxes
- parts of machines, frames
- electricity mounting boxes
- cotainers ...

Profile cars
Monay grader
Fire resistent dors

Electricity mounting boxes
Parts of machines

Parts of machines
Mounting boxes

Transport cars
Metal palettes

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