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01Mechanism for motor       adjustable beds
02Metal mechanisms       for motor adjustable       frames
01Bicycle production       using EU components
02Wholesale and        distribution

Possible discounts - only in case of bicycles and part of bicycles

Below the notion of goods we understand bicycles and bicycle parts.

Cumulative quantity discount

- is applied when the value of purchased goods exceeds a specified limit.
  The cumulative quantity discount is applied according to previous year values.

Loyalty bonus

- provides to the customers, who are already at least once in previous years reached a quantity discount

Non-cumulative quantity discount

- is applied when the value of a single order exceeds a specified limit

Individual discounts can not be cumulated. For each purchase will apply only one discount always that which is most convenient for the customer.

Every registered customer can get an overview of limit values and the current status of its activities and discounts.

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